Henry The Hiker


Who We Are

Young, and young at heart, exploring the world around us.

So much in this world moves too fast, constantly changing and demanding more and more from us. But sometimes we just need to step away - look outside our door, outside our neighbourhood even, and just explore. Remember why we are lucky to live where we do and are able to see and touch living history around us. Explore the trails, see the natural world, and find those vistas. This is for those that want to find their next adventure, or for those that simply want to follow along as we find ours.

Its Time To Get Dirty

One 40+ year old mom + One 8 year old Henry = Adventure

This was never a planned thing. We live on a farm, Henry went to the local school. Life was normal. 

And then the pandemic hit.

We switched to homeschooling, but that can be a lonely thing for a, then, 7 year old. So we began hiking the Bruce Trail which was, quite literally, in our backyard. Along the trails Henry met fellow kids and adults with a passion for the natural world around us. Soon we would lead groups of kids on adventures and the local papers would follow our pursuits.  Whether with friends in tow, or just his mom along, Henry enjoys exploring and wants to share his passion with everyone!

What we do

Hiking and camping - whether near or far!

Bruce Trail

Working on hiking the whole 900+km of the Bruce Trail here in Ontario. Canada's oldest footpath, it reaches from Niagara to Tobermory. Though one continuous path, its managed by many clubs, all volunteer based. Each section you complete, you earn a badge. Henry wants to earn them all!

Earning Cred

The Bruce Trail has badges for long hikes and short ones, side trails and seasons. And badges can be displayed in frames at home or sewn onto backpacks and jackets. 

The Bruce Trail isn't the only place to earn badges either - what are some of the fun places you've found?


Not only because his family allows the Bruce Trail to cross their property, but because young people today are acutely aware of the necessity of protecting the wilderness around us. The need to educate, facilitate and acknowledge the stresses in the natural world is one of things Henry is striving to share. There is always more to learn and further to go. 


Whether backcountry camping or taking time in the trailer, getting away from your own backyard is lots of fun and always an adventure. A bit of planning goes a long way - check out our ups and downs on our You Tube expeditions.

Sharing Experiences

Not sure where to start? Feeling uncomfortable in the woods on your own? Happy to share our knowledge and experience where we can - whether online or in person. The hiking community is a world wide, wonderfully supportive group with a common love of the outdoors. 

In The End - Be Yourself

Our story is a real one. No scripts and no set ups. Just Henry being himself, and wanting so much to share his adventures with you. 

Share yours as well and let us help others learn to explore the world outside their front door!

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